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"As members of the world of education, we set out to imagine what we would like to see in an online exam platform and as well as imagining it, we have made it come true".

AvEx, the best platform for creating online university exams

Secure, real-time exams that respect the diversity and privacy of exam candidates

No software installation required

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Responsive (smartphone, tablet, computer). Compatible with all operating systems.

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With any browser.

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Internet connection.

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Optional, only for exam candidates. Both for invigilation and for sending image files.


AvEx accompanies you throughout the whole exam process.

Editing, piloting, examining, marking, traceability.


AvEx has been designed following the strictest security measures, both technical and regulatory, in order to guarantee the online development of any organisation’s exams with the maximum possible rigour.

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ISO/IEC 27001 certification in information security.

Logotipo de Protección de datos

Compliance with legal provisions regarding the Protection of Personal Data.

Logotipo de Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Application of security measures at the HIGH level of the National Security Scheme.

Logotipo del Centro Criptológico Nacional

“From the point of view of ICT security, AvEx meets the organisational, procedural and technical conditions required for handling sensitive information, in accordance with the HIGH level of the National Security Scheme”. (Security audit report carried out by the CCN in June 2020).


Logotipo de la UNED

More than 300,000 exams carried out in each session with peaks of more than 15,000 simultaneous users per session.

Institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, the Directorate-General for Traffic and the University of Zaragoza have entrusted their online evaluation processes to AvEx, highlighting the great reliability, adaptability and user-friendliness of the application.

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